Scarlett’s First Day of Preschool

The past couple of weeks have been good for Scarlett. She started preschool, which is a pretty big deal! She gets to ride the bus with her big sister to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday. It’s hard to explain how emotional it was to see her step onto the bus for the first time. When Scarlett was fighting for her life in the PICU, I envisioned her growing up and riding the bus to school like she always wanted to many times over in my head. It’s safe to say I pretty much bawled my eyes out all morning, I was still crying when I got to work that morning. I was extremely apprehensive about sending her to school this year. She is currently on a 504 plan with her school. This means that her school must accommodate her medical needs, such as putting a hat on her at recess, letting us have a hospital grade air purifier in her classroom so she doesn’t have to wear a mask, and putting covers on the fluorescent lights in her classroom to protect her from UV lights. So far, she loves being at school. She has come home with a malar rash more than once now which at times is discouraging. On Tuesday, which was her day off from school she took a 3 & ½ hour nap. There are times when she feels worn out as tonight she was complaining of joint pain.

We also made a trip to Fargo during her first week of school to see her pulmonologist out of Sioux Falls. He prescribed Scarlett an inhaler twice a day, as she continues to have reactive airway disease from the trauma of the multiple pulmonary hemorrhages. It already seems to be helping. Scarlett contracted a cold two weeks into school and I feel that she’s getting better faster than she normally would. Even though Scarlett starting school and being exposed to other kids and all their germs at times completely scares me, I couldn’t be happier for her as she gets to meet this milestone. She loves going to school. What is supposed to be a rite of passage for most young kids is a privilege for Scarlett. We hope she will do well in school and will be able to go to public school and have normal social experiences. There is a fine line between protecting her, but not ostracizing her from her peers. She just wants to be like everybody else. I am so happy for Scarlett. I hope and pray she continues to meet these important childhood milestones and continues making good memories.

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