Scarlett’s Lupus Fight

9 thoughts on “Video

  1. Your amazing baby girl and her loving family of courage, faith and LOVE.
    Stay Strong wee Scarlett…you are loved and you keep that love flowing and your face shines with light and love for others. xoxo


  2. Awe Becky…thanks for sharing this again. Such a journey it was. You are one amazing momma of an amazing wee girl and her sibs. I see how for you as you view it, you find encouragement to stay the course and find gratitude for every day beyond those video days.
    Love and prayers from my heart to yours and fam. xoxo


  3. I am so Honored to know Scarlett and to know the whole family! Your courage and strength is amazing , and your Faith is unbreakable! Tears of joy fill my eyes now knowing what you went thru and how STRONG she is ! God is Good!!!

    Scarlett is a Princess!


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