Happy 4th Birthday, preschool, and nephrology appointment.

Scarlett has had a big week and it’s only Wednesday! Yesterday Scarlett turned 4 years old! To say the day was emotional for us would be an understatement. Her official party is this weekend, but I had to get her a small cake so we could sing to her on her actual birthday. Scarlett got many birthday wishes from the staff at Sanford and even complete strangers on facebook wished her a happy birthday and said they were praying for her. We also registered her for preschool this fall, which she is very excited about. She even had to wear her unicorn backpack to registration which one of her PICU nurses, Hannah gave her. Today she saw her nephrologist at Sanford and got a good report. Her kidney function has remained stable so he is going to wean down her enalapril with a goal of discontinuing it in two months which will be once less medication to take. It’s also good for her long term prognosis. Her doctor told me that by the time most people with class 5 nephritis are diagnosed they often already have significant kidney damage, but thankfully not our Scarlett. When Scarlett was in the PICU I did not take any pictures of her while she was intubated. My logic at the time was that if she did not survive I did not want to remember her like that. Intubated… a tube down her throat, appearing lifeless, hooked up to machines. A few weeks ago my husband, Sheldon revealed to me that he had taken two pictures of her while she was intubated. He said he took the pictures because if Scarlett did not make it he wanted to be reminded of the efforts taken to save her. He thought he had deleted them because of my wish not to have them. Then he found them on a hard drive a few weeks ago and I saw them for the first time. It definitely stirred up feelings in me that we were experiencing at that time, having been told that our precious Scarlett probably would not leave the hospital alive. I want to share this personal photo because this is how our sweet Scarlett started her 3rd year of life. As she enters her 4th year of life, I hope and pray that she is leaving the worst medical crisis that she will ever have behind her. I do realize that she is not going to have an easy road ahead of her, but I feel that if she can survive bleeding in her lungs for almost two months she can conquer anything. It is truly amazing to see where she was almost a year ago to where she is today. She has defied all the odds and surpassed all expectations given to her. Scarlett continues to be our spunky one. Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I hope year 4 brings good things for you.

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