Happy (not so Happy) 3rd Birthday

Scarlett’s 3rd birthday party 1 day prior to being admitted to the hospital. 2/18/18. She was not herself that day. Her energy was low and she wanted to be held.

One thought on “Happy (not so Happy) 3rd Birthday

  1. Dear Scarlet and family, I am so amazed by your story and your fight to be a normal little girl,you truly are amazing. I work at St. Alexius hospital in Bismarck. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting your Grandma and Grandpa, your grandma give me this link to read your amazing story and ask that I drop you a note, she said you really like my painted rock. My granddaughter Isabelle and I painted them for fun and we placed them around Bismarck for other children to find. I’m so happy that, one Little Rock makes you so happy. You truly are a blessing, may god always keep you in his loving hands.


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